Newswire Services

Share your news and increase brand awareness

press release distribution options that support your communications objectives.

Newswire Services

Our press release distribution service provides a wide range of distribution options suited to agencies and companies of all sizes and specialties, to help you reach your audience anytime, anywhere. Distribute your news. Increase your company’s exposure. Measure your results. Bolster brand awareness.

Publish, Distribute & Share

Easily and instantaneously distribute your company’s news to any audience, anywhere in the world. Our expansive distribution capabilities allow for:

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Fulfil Regulatory Filing Demands

Our in-house team of experts can assist you in meeting regulatory filing and disclosure provisions, including: 

  • EDGAR (US)
  • SEDAR (Canada)
  • XBRL 
  • European Transparency Directive (Europe)

Enhance Your News Using Multimedia

Gone are the days of text-only press releases. Our services enable you to create impactful and engaging content for your audience. Media Snippets let you embed image carousels with infographics, audio and video elements―including live-streaming events―directly into your press release. 

Your multimedia materials can also be easily distributed to AP Photo Express, the CP Photo Network, Newscom Archive, Yahoo! Photo and YouTube. You can also upload and save your multimedia assets to your media library for future access.

Editorial Support & Translation Services

Even under the most pressing deadlines, our editorial team will work with you to ensure your news is distributed quickly and effectively by providing quality assurance and translation services when required.

Analyze & Measure the Impact of Your Releases

Measure the ROI of your press releases and gain valuable insights for fine-tuning future communications with our post-distribution reports. Newswire Analytics reports provide robust analytics and metrics on reach, access, social engagement and visibility of your release. They also allow you to:

  • View detail on geographic distribution, and total potential reach of your release.
  • See key viewing metrics, including views by geography and device type.
  • View referral sources (i.e. search engines, media sites) that directed users to your release.
  • Assess click-through reporting on embedded links in your release across all sites that published your release.
  • View number of social media shares your release received, and which sites drove the most traffic to your release.


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